onsdag 30 september 2009


Lindexhöstreklam med tjejen som går på en tågstation. Låten till den är så bra. Den fastnar i huvudet så att man vill lyssna igen, igen och igen.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Taco - Puttin on the Ritz (1983)
    eller Fred Astaire från ca 1920-30 = original. Lyssna på you tube på båda

  2. Hittar en musikvideo, taco, han som sjunger ser lite konstig ut. Som en seriefigur.
    Kolla de svartmålade som sjunger super droper. Den scenen är borttagen ur MTVs video. Då är det en bild på Gary Cooper istället.

  3. Prova sök på Falco!

  4. Taco scored his one and only pop hit in 1982 with a faithful rendition of the Irving Berlin chestnut "Puttin' on the Ritz." Born Taco Ockerse in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 21, 1955, he recorded "Ritz" in Germany in 1981; a year later, the song (originally popularized by Fred Astaire) hit the upper reaches of the U.S. pop charts, accompanied by a video depicting the singer decked out in a bow-tie-and-tails ensemble emblematic of the Depression-era movie musicals his image strived to emulate. Taco's debut LP, After Eight, contained other recreations of 1930s hits, as well as original material in the same vein; however, the market for such stuff was clearly limited, and after a 1984 follow-up, Let's Face the Music, he disappeared from the charts for good.

    Falco was the most internationally successful pop artist ever to come out of Austria, best known for his 1986 chart-topping hit "Rock Me Amadeus." Born Johann Holzel in Vienna on February 19, 1957, he was a classically trained child prodigy, but after graduating from the Vienna Conservatoire, he relocated to West Berlin and began fronting a jazz-rock band. In 1986 Falco issued Falco 3, highlighted by the single "Rock Me Amadeus," a campy blend of classical music and synth pop which topped both the American and British charts. He had been long out of the spotlight when he died in a car accident on February 6, 1998 at the age of 40.=)

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